Invest in tomorrow’s architects today

The TBE learn provides an opportunity for today’s architects, designers, engineers and developers to invest in the future of their professions. Quite understandably, the current focus is on how the HE sector continues to provide world class courses and attract students onto them. But, as we all know, the foundations of future careers are laid at a much earlier age.

TBE learn is a unique fund that will help to provide a sustainable future for the Building Exploratory’s award-winning programme of workshops for schools. Professionals across the architecture and design sectors are making modest contributions (starting at £500) to the fund, helping it to make steady progress towards its target of £50,000. With their help, we will be able to continue to bring architecture and design to life for primary and secondary students. Something we’ve already made a reality for 50,000+ young people.

The fund will ensure that the core overheads of this programme are met for the next two years, giving us the stability to develop our programme and the flexibility to price the workshops to be as inclusive as possible across East London.

TBE learn is an important initiative that will help us build on success. Our dedicated team has created a programme of workshops that allow students to develop a range of skills including observation, spatial awareness, creative problem solving and critical thinking. Ourworkshops are linked to the national curriculum across a wide range of subject areas, from maths, science and design technology to geography, history and citizenship.

If you would like to donate to TBE learn please email our Chief Executive Dr Nicole Crockett (FRIBA) or call us on 020 7608 0755.