Listed buildings in haggerston

An archive of all buildings in Haggerston listed by English Heritage


Listed Haggerston is part of the My Haggerston project run in partnership with Discover Hackney.

Haggerston is one of oldest wards in Hackney, with over 100 listed buildings including significant places of worship, such as St Leonard’s Shoreditch, education establishments, such as Haggerston School and entertainment venues, such as Hoxton Hall. 

The area has historically been, and is still, a significant transport hub, with Kingsland Road (a major route out of the City of London) and Regents Canal (built to link goods transport routes around the country with the Thames docks), contributing to the ward’s fascinating history.

As part of My Haggerston project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Building Exploratory trained a number of volunteers to take photographs of all of the listed buildings in Haggerston, and carry out research into their significance and histories. We then created an interactive map showing all of the listed buildings in Haggerston and details such as date and architectural features.

In addition we have created some learning resources for teachers and a self guided walk which will help your explore some of Haggerston's History.

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The research for this project has been conducted almost entirely by volunteers. If you have further information on any of the buildings listed, would like to add something to a listing, or have spotted a mistake, please do let us know.

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